Manufacturing Services

GF empowers customers with a wide set of manufacturing services, ranging from mask services and wafer bump and probe capabilities to RF testing services, that provide a quick, high-quality and cost-effective path to production for your design. Streamline the production of your innovations using GF’s global manufacturing footprint and state-of-the-art manufacturing services. 

Mask Services

GF mask services capitalize on the unwavering partnerships in the GF Partner Community, a collaborative ecosystem, to deliver optimized mask solutions. Bring your designs from manufacturing to production using the combined mask skills, resources and expertise of GF and our global partners. 

Multi Project Wafer Program

The Multi Project Wafer (MPW) program offers cost-competitive vehicles for prototyping, device characterization, IP validation and design enablement. A wide portfolio of technology nodes is supported by shuttles available from mature process geometries to cutting-edge technology nodes. Satisfy your dynamic and evolving requirements with customized services empowered by a flexible business model. Discover new possibilities with GF. 

Post-Fab Services

Post-fab services are part of a GF collaborative supply chain model that utilizes both in-house and partner expertise for 2D, 2.5D and 3D interconnect. Drive limitless innovation with expert services that are tightly integrated into the overall manufacturing flow provided by OSAT (Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test) and memory partners. Discover a quick, high-quality and cost-effective path to production for your design. 

RF Testing 

RF testing services are carried out through a definable, predictable RF test development cycle that are supported by over two decades of experience in testing at 6 to 86 GHz. Equipped with the capacity to functionally test up to 24 channels at 77 GHz with customized ToBs, GF’s groundbreaking RF testing services offer high test coverage, flexibility and reliability for customer applications. With our flexible and customizable RF testing services, GF caters to an array of markets at reduced testing time and cost. Harness GF’s application-specific services in pursuit of your needs and vision.